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    Wednesday Mourning hails from San Antonio, a large yet conservative city in Texas. Her obsession with the strange and unusual started at a young age and was both supported and shared by her mother, a well known local artist. Her formative years were spent in art galleries surrounded by bohemians and other creative types. As a voracious reader her interests included gothic novels, fantasy, science fiction, and mythology. An obsession with all things dark and esoteric started at quite a young age. Her first pets were a black cat, a tarantula and a melanistic Kingsnake named Mordecai. An early curiosity in science resulted in a microscope kit as a gift and several trips outside hunting for dead things to study.   Read Wednesday’s Complete Bio →

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      Need to outsource your melancholy? Hire a hermit!

      A curious trend started in the 18th century when wealthy English men began to install “ornamental hermits” into small houses (hermitages) within their gardens. As their name suggests these were not actual hermits – rather men hired to take on the persona. During this period there was a resurgence in the mythological hermit, a romantic […]

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      I invite you to visit my personally curated esoteric bookstore named Orphic Vellum Books. Within you will find a myriad of subjects that interest me from Celtic mythology to Weird Fiction, with a special focus on antiquarian books from the 1800’s.

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      Due to several requests I’m now offering signed prints through my Orphic Vellum bookstore for those that are interested. 20 different prints are available to to chose from… you know for that Wednesday Mourning dart board you might have planned.

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